Diablo 4 players know the struggle of accumulating gold in the game. Unlike its predecessors, Diablo 4's gold comes in smaller increments, yet it's crucial for various in-game transactions, from buying vendor items to re-rolling affixes and upgrading weapons. To address this challenge, seasoned players have discovered a gold mine – both figuratively and literally.

Uldur's Cave: The Gold Farmer's Paradise

Uldur's Cave, nestled in Kehjistan, has become a favorite spot for the Diablo 4 community seeking to amass wealth. What makes it special is not just its straightforward map layout, but the fact that both of its objectives involve slaying monsters, generously showering players with D4 Gold and valuable loot. Found closest to the Iron Wolves Encampment Waypoint, this dungeon proves to be a lucrative option.

On Torment difficulty with a level 73 character, an Uldur's Cave run can yield around 300k gold in drops and nearly 400k worth of sellable items. Actual profits may vary depending on factors like player level, difficulty setting, and the luck factor in item drops.

Forsaken Quarry: A Riskier Endeavor for Bigger Rewards

For those seeking more risk and potentially higher rewards, the Forsaken Quarry dungeon north of Kyovashad is a compelling choice. While gold gains from each run average around 700k, navigating Forsaken Quarry is not for the faint of heart. The presence of numerous Ice Clan Khazra, especially the formidable Ice Clan Shamans and their freezing abilities, adds a layer of challenge to this gold farming spot.

Both Uldur's Cave and Forsaken Quarry feature narrow corridors, making them ideal for specific character builds like the Whirlwind Barbarian and Ice Barrage Sorcerer. However, Uldur's Cave tends to have more consistent monster spawns, and its objectives involve destroying barricades and eliminating enemies in the second half of the dungeon. This makes it a faster and less troublesome option compared to Forsaken Quarry, provided players have sufficient Poison Resistance.

Maximizing Profits with Nightmare Sigils

To further enhance the profitability of these dungeons, players can seek or craft Nightmare Sigils for Uldur's Cave or Forsaken Quarry. These sigils, with increased Gold or Magic Find modifiers, significantly boost the potential rewards from dungeon runs. While there's no guarantee in crafting specific sigils for particular dungeons, players can rely on their luck with drops or crafting outcomes when interacting with town Occultists.

Running dungeons with Nightmare Sigils, especially those with Gold or Magic Find modifiers, is a smart strategy. As long as players can comfortably clear these dungeons without facing untimely deaths, the extra bonuses make the effort worthwhile.

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